Let's Start Talking

Let’s Start Talking

Concerned about the lack of civility characterizing public discourse in recent times?  Institutions of higher education represent one of the most significant venues in which the free exchange of ideas can and must take place, civil discourse can be modeled and practiced, and individuals can encounter different ways of thinking and acting within a context of respect and mutual learning.  But campuses have themselves increasingly become places of tension, polarization, and even violence. As a result, universities and colleges across the nation are actively searching for better ways to teach and learn about engaging in difficult dialogues: ways that enhance pluralism, protect freedom of expression, honor academic freedom, and support and model democratic values.  This website offers faculty hands-on strategies and resources for engaging difficult dialogues in the classroom, and provides faculty developers and university leaders information about campus initiatives that strive to advance the expansion of innovative approaches to civil discourse on controversial topics and complex social issues at the college level.  Let’s start talking!